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Free, filtered water on-the-go.

Refill and protect our waterways.

Alternative to plastic bottles

Alternative to single-use plastic bottles

Clear up our waterways

Clear up our waterways

Hydrate for free with free refills

Hydrate with free refills

Save marine life

Save marine life

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Reusable bottles

Readily available, sustainable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.

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Our Mission

As the environmental and health impacts of plastic are becoming publicly recognised, people are proactively seeking alternatives to reduce the use of single-use plastic and plastic litter in waterways.

In doing so, we aim to influence the public and create a behavioural change by bringing the refill revolution to you today.

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Australians consume

9 billion

single-use plastic bottles every year.
Reusing a bottle is at least

100 times

more economical than purchasing single use bottled water


Every year

6.4 million

tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean.
Each year

17 million

barrels of oil are used to produce bottled water