How can I help?

You can help us in our mission to reduce plastic litter and save our waterways by...

  • Together saying NO to purchasing single-use plastic water bottles.
  • BYO bottle and fill up for free at a go2zone water refill station.
  • Purchase a glass or stainless steel go2zone bottle and start reusing
  • Enquire about installing a go2zone in your local community, at events or at your work
  • Spread the good word on this initiative by telling your networks (friends, family & colleagues) through social media and encourage them to pass it on. The more people who know they now have a choice, the better!

Is go2zone a social enterprise?

Yes, go2zone is a social enterprise initiated by Healthy Land and Water (an independent not-for-profit environmental organisation) working to improve waterway health by reducing the impacts of single-use plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans. Our aim is to initiate a public behaviour change campaign by refilling and reusing sustainable water bottles.

Are we a profit-for-a-cause organisation?

Yes, any profits generated will be reinvested to roll out more refill stations across Australia while $1 from every bottle sold goes directly to support the Healthy Land and Water’s Clean Up Program.

Do the stations filter the water and is fluoride removed?

The water refill stations dispense filtered tap water through a standard carbon filtration process after the water has been chilled – this does not remove fluoride.

Is the water quality tested and maintained?

We use independent water laboratories on a regular basis to test the water quality being dispensed from stations we maintain.

Can you cater for events so they can be more sustainable?

Go2zone has a number of stations for hire to provide FREE drinking water to patrons during events whilst reducing single use plastics. We can cater for a range of events and functions in your local community. They can range from having a festival, concert, sporting competitions or local community events. One station could save thousands of single-use plastic bottles. Creating a sustainable future is key to having a healthy planet for generations to come. Working together with businesses and Government that believe in social responsibility and can lead by example the way forward for communities in delivering sustainable outcomes and responsibly sponsored events.

How can my workplace get involved with this initiative?

If you are interested in becoming a partner or providing support for the initiative in some way, please contact us directly to discuss potential opportunities.

Can I request a station to be installed in my local area?

If you would like to see a water refill station in your local area, your interest will help us seek further support for a further roll-out. However please note that our ability to install more stations each year and where they are installed will be dependent on funding and support from sponsors and location providers. Please register your interest by petitioning for a Location.