Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change

Behaviour change is recognised as a cornerstone of sustainability as it not only affects progress towards sustainable living, but also powerfully affects how people view themselves. Real change requires interventions that target people’s  values and affects behaviour that drives positive social norms.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other organisations to bring about behaviour change that will benefit the health of our waterways, people and our communities.

Based on 10 years of litter collection data, we have identified plastic bottles as the most common item collected from our urban waterways. In an effort to make a difference to the ubiquitous issue of plastic pollution and marine debris we deliver innovatives campaigns to reduce the problem at its source.

Our behaviour change campaigns combine the disciplines of psychology and social marketing and take a pragmatic, research-based approach to initiatives.

Our campaigns collaborate with event organisers and managers, workplaces, schools and individuals to encourage the use of reusable water bottles filled with tap water and build new social norms which favour reuse and waste prevention.

Contact us to discuss how we can best help you to achieve lasting change in your community.