Our stations offer the opportunity to display messages across our digital screen network to further promote our environmental cause, create social awareness and responsibility. These screens can be used to display any appropriate message across our digital screens, with the aim to help minimise plastic pollution and protect our waterways and marine life.

Both our premium and classic stations are fitted with digital screens to allow for the display of high quality audio and visual messaging. With stations being installed across Australia and the world, our digital network is constantly expanding so you can reach a local or international audience.

Go2zone’s refill stations form part of a unique digital network that can enhance traditional forms of advertising channels and provides a more socially responsible platform for campaigns.

Unique and heavily populated locations such as universities, hospitals and transport hubs that are traditionally hard to access. The network offers a captivated audience during a 30 second refill time on an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious platform.

Go2zone stations are connected to the internet via a mobile service provider using technology within the station. This allows go2zone to directly connect to the digital screen and upload images, video content and make changes to our playlist remotely.

Our playlists are created in-house with an aim to have a playlist that is continually looped back to back 24 hours a day.