There are several benefits for an organisation to be involved and seen supporting the Go2zone social enterprise initiative.

An organisation can gain…
  • Community goodwill
  • Increase market reach to a wider demographic
  • Assist in building business relationships
  • Increase consumer perception
  • Promotes your brand positively
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Increases brand awareness & visibility

Corporate sponsorship can take many forms for various periods. It could be for a one-off event, some branded bottles for your marketing purposes or sponsor a station/s for a longer period of time.

We are keen to collaborate with you to achieve common goals that may fit with your CSR policy or marketing objectives.

The go2zone brand represents:

Integrity, Innovation & Collaboration and your association will show customers your commitment to social responsibility by investing and supporting the cause.

Some potential opportunities:

Support one or many local events by supplying FREE water refills to a festival, community or sporting event.
Purchase a batch of branded bottles
Have your own branded water station at a permanent location
Display your digital messages (image or video) on our refill stations at many popular locations
Sponsor an award or environmental program
Create an art scape competition to be applied to a refill station in a local area

These are some great ways to show your support of the #refillrevolution.

Enquire today to find out about a tailored package for your needs.