Refill Stations


Go2zone was created as a solution to an increasing problem of single-use plastic bottles entering our waterways. Our parent organisation, Healthy Land and Water (an independent not-for-profit) has funded a Clean Up Program for the last 20 years collecting litter and collating data on the types of litter impacting on our waterways and environment.

Every litre of water refilled from a go2zone station can potentially save two single-use plastic water bottles from being consumed within a few minutes and then entering our oceans. Plastic bottles can take 200 years to finally break down.

Go2zone wants to collaborate with communities, governments and businesses to deliver our water refill stations to the public to make a real difference.

Be part of the refill revolution. Fill up and feel good.

Our why

From this monitored Clean Up program of local waterways we found that single-use plastic bottles make up the majority item (more than 30%) out of all the waste we collected.

Australians consume 9 Billion single-use plastic bottles every year!

Rather than treating the symptom (collect plastic waste) we looked to create a practical solution to reduce the overall cause of our increasing appetite of single-use plastic consumption.

Our research showed that in order to implement a successful Behaviour Change Program, we needed people to have a reusable bottle and make water refill stations convenient and accessible to encourage us all to refill and reuse.

Our Purpose

Go2zone is a social enterprise with revenue gained reinvested into Healthy Land and Water to: Influence change in consumer behaviour to reduce the impact of plastic bottle waste on our waterways and oceans. Reinforce a positive association between the use of refillable water bottles and environmental stewardship. Protect our natural environment and support resilient, thriving communities. As a consumer, you can be rest assured your money is going to a valuable cause!

Our why

Our goal is to provide free chilled water to the community in accessible locations. All you need to do is bring your own bottle. Every refill helps reduce the impact single-use plastic water bottles are having on our environment, marine life and on human health.

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