Health And Hygiene

The Go2Zone refill stations pride themselves on being able to provide clean drinking water at the push of a button. All of our refill stations use high quality stainless steel providing partial outdoor and indoor use for all our different stations. Our water dispensing nozzle is concealed within the machine preventing tampering to the water dispenser. All Go2Zone stations are connected to a water line which also allows us to provide a drain on each machine which clears all the left over water.

We can come out anytime to service or just clean your machine. As well as this, we will provide a water quality test to make sure your customers are getting the highest quality water possible!

UV Lamp

Our Premium Refill Stations are all equipped with a UV lamp as well as a filter to get the highest quality water


Our stations all are equipped with drains making sure the excess water doesn't hang around!

AS/NZS 4020 Approved

All of our stations are built out of high quality materials which are all AS/NZS 4020 Approved

Keepin' Cool

The refill stations stay cool even in those hot conditions with the chiller built in to our Classic and Premium Stations


The water dispenser on all our stations are concealed inside the machine stopping people from touching it.

Touch Buttons

The refill buttons on each station is easy to find with a large surface range and easy to clean day after a days use.

The Go2Zone Team prides itself on being able to provide the community with the best possible drinking water we can, making a change, one refill at a time.