Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions for hiring and leasing water refill stations

  • Go2zone is the owner of all refill stations, equipment and promotional material provided and used for events and leasing arrangements.  Inclusive of this is all set up equipment (pegs, stands, cable ties, water and waste pipes, set up instructions, stations keys, Allen keys, and other provided equipment required for the set up of stations.
  • Go2zone is the owner of mobile refill stations inclusive of stock such as stainless steel and glass bottles, and all other components.
  • The organiser has asked the owner and the owner has agreed to make the refill station available for use at the venue for the event on the basis that the refill station is located within (5 Metres) preferably to a town water supply (external faucet or hydrant)
  • The parties have agreed and signed on the following Terms and Conditions covering the use of the refill station

The organiser agrees on the following

  • It is the organisers responsibility to arrange for any approvals, permits, licenses, permissions and access or any other arrangement required to bring the refill station onto and allow the refill station to remain at the venue for use during the entirety of the event.
  • The organiser must ensure that the owner has convenient access and all necessary permission to deliver the refill station to the venue, connect the refill station to the water source (external faucet or hydrant).
  • The organiser acknowledges that the water source must be located no further than a maximum of 5 meters from the refill station
  • The organiser must only use the refill station for the use and must not connect, disconnect or move the refill station without the express permission of the owner (go2zone).
  • The organiser acknowledges that the refill station cannot be located next to or near a charitable organisation that plans to sell bottled water on site during the event.
  • The organiser shall ensure that overnight security is provided for the event site if the refill station is required to stay for consecutive days
  • The organiser shall not charge the owner for the stall/ exhibit space as the refill station is a community service.
  • The organiser acknowledges that the owner of the water source (site of event) used to supply the refill station during the event will get charged for the water used through their normal rates account.
  • The organiser agrees to seek the written permission from the site owner prior to use by the refill station and provide a copy to the owner on request.
  • The organiser shall ensure that water supplied from the water source, other than the mains water supply of the owner compiles with the world health organisation guidelines and shall provide evidence of compliance to the owner upon request
  • The owner (Go2zone) is not responsible for the supply, continuity of supply, quality of flow rate of water supplied from any water source other than a water main or other asset of the owner.
  • The organiser is wholly responsible for the safety and security of the refill station while at the venue, or while it is in the care, custody or control of the organiser, and must ensure that the refill station is not contaminated, defaced, damaged or destroyed in any way, (fair wear and tear excepted).
  • The organiser must contact the owner immediately if any technical faults or damage are noticed.
  • The organiser indemnifies the owner on a continuing basis against all liability, claims, proceedings, loss, damage, charges, expenses and costs of every description which arise from the breach of these terms and conditions by the organiser or its employees, agents, contractors or subcontractors.  This clause survives expiry or termination of these Terms and Conditions.
  • The organiser shall maintain for the period of use, a public liability insurance policy.  The insurance policy shall cover loss, damage and destruction to any property and personal injury to and death and illness of any person, howsoever caused.  The organiser shall provide proof of the insurance policy to the owner on request.