Performance Guarantee

Go2zone shall guarantee the performance of the system design to produce the specified effects provided all equipment is purchased and installed per our recommendations and all of the architectural details we provide are incorporated into the system installation. In the event, that others have provided the system design, or our recommendations are not utilized, guarantee shall be limited to the performance of the furnished equipment only.



1. Go2zone shall warrant all properly installed and maintained equipment (except UV lamps) for a period of one (1) year from date of original shipment.
2. Go2zone, at their option, shall replace or repair any materials, components, or workmanship found to be defective within the warranty period when returned to the factory, freight pre-paid.
3. No component may be returned to Go2zone. for repair or replacement without an approved Return Materials Authorization (RMA).
4. Any maintenance or repairs done without the pre-authorization of Go2zone. or its authorized service providers shall void all warranties.



This warranty does not include damage resulting from lightning, vandalism, improper maintenance, operator error, Acts of God, failure to comply with codes of the jurisdiction having authority, or other conditions beyond the control of Go2zone. Nor does this warranty cover labour, freight charges, or incidental materials required to implement repairs. Go2zone. shall not be held liable for damage to other equipment or materials, or loss of time, profits, or any inconvenience, directly or indirectly, resulting from the failure of equipment or materials furnished by Go2zone. Go2zone will not accept liability for any costs associated with the removal or replacement of equipment in difficult-to-access locations. These extraordinary costs shall be the responsibility of the customer, regardless of the reason necessitating removal of the product from service. This warranty may exclude damage to metals resulting from chemical control devices that use electrolysis as a means for generating chlorine or other chemicals to treat water. No other warranty, expressed or implied, exists beyond that included in this statement.

This warranty does not extend to any of the said equipment / goods which have been:

  1. Subjected to misuse, neglect, accident or abuse,
  2. Improperly repaired, installed, transported, altered or modified or handled in anyway under abnormal condition by any other party other than the Seller or
  3. Used in violation of instructions furnished by the Seller.

Dated: 1 August 2018